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Children’s Dentist Aurora

Keeping Your Favorite Smile Cavity-Free

Little girl with healthy smile thanks to childrens dentistry in Aurora

We love putting smiles on children’s faces and showing them that dentistry is nothing to be afraid of. When you bring your little (or not so little!) one to Sommers Family Dental, you can trust that we’ll treat both their comfort and their health as our top priorities. We’ll keep them calm and cool while we protect their growing smile from decay and teach them how to take great care of their teeth at home. Is it time for your child’s next dental checkup and cleaning? If so, call us today to schedule an appointment for children's dentistry in Aurora, IL.

Why Choose Sommers Family Dental for Children’s Dentistry?

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Young boy giving thumbs up during childrens dental visit

We recommend that your child visit the dentist for the first time soon after their first tooth appears, or no later than their first birthday. This appointment will mostly be aimed at helping your child feel relaxed while in the dental office, which will make future visits much easier. We'll also give them a gentle exam, so we can make sure their mouth is developing correctly, and then we’ll provide tips on how to take care of your brand new smile.

Learn More About Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Little girl with Doctor Malecki at dental checkup

Whether your child has just gotten their first tooth or is starting to think about college, they should attend at least two dental checkups and teeth cleanings each year. These routine visits give our team the chance to examine their mouth so that any decay or damage can be found early and treated quickly. A regular cleaning from a hygienist can also remove harmful plaque and tartar deposits from those areas of your child’s mouth that they frequently miss while brushing, stopping cavities before they ever begin.

Dental Sealants

Close up of child receiving dental sealants

Most children tend to develop cavities on their back teeth because they are the hardest to brush; plus their grooved surfaces easily trap plaque and bacteria. To prevent this, we can apply a dental sealant, which involves placing a thin layer of dental plastic over the enamel. This literally creates an invisible barrier that plaque and bacteria cannot cross. Sealants only take a few minutes to get, but they can provide about 10 years of reliable cavity protection.

Fluoride Treatments

Child receiving fluoride treatment application

Fluoride is so good for your teeth that it’s added to 99% of toothpastes as well as most public water sources. That’s because when this mineral comes in contact with enamel, it actually helps build it up and makes it more resistant to decay. In addition to using a fluoridated toothpaste at home, we can also give your child a topical fluoride treatment whenever they come in for a checkup. It only takes a minute, but it can provide a tremendous boost in their cavity defense between appointments.

Learn More About Fluoride Treatments

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Doctor Malecki and preteen girl after tooth colored filling placement

Should your child develop a cavity, rather than using an amalgam filling that will leave an obvious gray mark in their smile, we can instead repair their tooth with composite resin. These fillings allow us to preserve more healthy tooth structure, and the material can be shaded to perfectly match any child’s enamel. The end result is a strong, reliable restoration that looks just like natural dental structure, meaning your child won’t have to worry about people noticing it.

Learn More About Fillings for Kids

Athletic Mouthguards

Teen boy with green athletic mouthguard on football helmet

In addition to helmets and shin guards, one of the most important pieces of sports safety equipment is a mouthguard. These small devices can save many children from experiencing a broken tooth or fractured jaw while on the field, mat, or court. Our team can provide your child with a custom-made mouthguard that is much more comfortable and delivers better protection than anything you’ll find at the store, ensuring you’ll have one less thing to worry about the next time they go to play.

Orthodontics for Kids

Young girl with orthodontic appliance over her teeth

Most children will need some type of orthodontic care to straighten crooked teeth or fix a misaligned bite, and fortunately, we offer this kind of service here at Sommers Family Dental. Using traditional braces and custom-made retainers, we can dramatically improve your child’s appearance, oral health, and function all at the same time. We recommend that every child should have an orthodontic evaluation completed around age seven so that any issues can be addressed early, which will cut down on overall treatment time.

Learn More About Our Orthodontic Services for Kids

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