Montgomery Dentist

Your whole family can receive treatment with our Montgomery dentists.

Dr. Sommers and his staff are actually located in Aurora, Illinois. So why do people travel from Montgomery to SommersFamilyDental? The feedback we keep getting is they love our service and our specialists.

In addition to treating adults, our dentists enjoy treating children. We’ll work with your children in a way that puts them at ease during their appointments—using puppets and a prize box to keep them engaged in their dental care. This also means your whole family can be treated in the same clinic.

“I was much younger when I started coming here. I actually starting coming in 1996. It is a very inviting and friendly atmosphere. Everyone will talk to you and ask how things have been and talk about normal stuff. You can tell they are a staff that definitely cares about the people they see and take care of. They really do build a relationship with their clients to make sure we are happy when we leave. All the specialists are very nice and helpful and very, very knowledgeable.” ~SommersFamilyDental Patient (Google Review)

Not only are we able to handle all your general dentistry needs, but we have a specialist in implant dentistry. Dr. Chen is our implant specialist. He is able to do both the surgery and the restorations, which keeps you from having to go to a separate clinic for your surgery, saving you both time and money. It also ensures that he has had the additional training required to give you the best dental implants possible.

If you’d like to learn about us, you may request a complimentary consultation. We’ll do a free evaluation and you can ask us any questions you have about our practice. You may click here to request an appointment online or call .