Aurora Emergency Dentist

If you are in pain, we want you to call our office, even if you’re not a current patient. We leave some room in our daily schedule for emergencies, so if you’re calling during office hours, we can usually get you in that day. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 8 to 5. We also are open one or two Saturdays per month from 8 to 2.

Pain-Free Emergency Dentistry

We often see emergency patients who have put off dental treatment for many years. Dental anxiety is very real. Be assured you are not the only one. If you’ve put off dental treatment because of fear, we want you to know that we understand and cater to fearful patients. We won’t lecture you or make you feel bad. Instead, we want to give you a positive, pain-free experience so you will be more comfortable going to the dentist the next time.

One way we do this is by using nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas. With a small mask on to administer the gas, you simply breathe normally. The nitrous oxide will completely relax you, enabling us to get to the source of your dental emergency without any stress to you. When we’re done, the effects wear off so quickly that you’ll even be able to drive yourself home.

If you’re in pain, don’t hesitate to call us now.

Please call (630) 892-7041 to learn more or to schedule an appointment