Minor Orthodontics and Retainers

The dental discipline of orthodontics focuses on identifying and correcting malocclusion, which is caused by misaligned teeth.  All of our doctors can treat minor orthodontic problems.  More involved orthodontic cases can be referred to an orthodontic specialist.

SommersFamilyDental offers Invisalign for teens and adults. We will suggest an orthodontic evaluation for children by age seven, if we see a need. Oftentimes, addressing orthodontic issues during dental development in a first phase of treatment can minimize problems later in life. A second phase may be necessary during later adolescence or early teen years.  We can address issues like over-bite, under-bite, cross-bite and teeth that do not properly develop. In some cases, the mouth needs to be expanded or extra teeth need to be extracted. During treatment, regular visits will be necessary for the orthodontist to evaluate progress and tighten wires. In some situations, special removable appliances, like head gear or rubber bands, may be recommended.

After braces, a retainer should be worn diligently to keep teeth from shifting out of proper position.  Your dentist will take impressions for an upper or lower retainer; often, the bottom retainer is cemented onto the back of your teeth. Typically, patients wear the retainer almost all the time at first, but eventually will decrease the amount of wear to only as directed by your doctor.


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