Extra Protection
Young children may have difficulty with home hygiene and older kids and teens may not consider these rituals very important. We want to preserve their smiles, so our children’s dentist often suggests fluoride applications. These treatments help prevent cavities by strengthening the outer layer of teeth.

As a naturally occurring element, fluoride intake is necessary for healthy teeth. The optimal time to receive sufficient fluoride is during the period when tooth enamel is forming, but the need for fluoride continues throughout our lives. Fluoride is found in water supplies and in other sources, but that may not be enough. Our doctors also recommend that kids over three use a fluoride toothpaste every day.

If your little one needs extra help to fight cavities, our dentists may suggest a fluoride supplement. After the dental cleaning, we can apply topical fluoride to limit the effects of decay-causing bacteria. Fluoride treatments, coupled with good home hygiene and healthy nutrition, will help your children say goodbye to cavities for good.

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