Beautiful Smile Guarantee

At SommersFamilyDental we offer a beautiful smile guarantee.

When you spend money on a smile makeover, you want to feel confident you will be satisfied with the results. That is why at SommersFamilyDental we offer a Beautiful Smile Guarantee. Too often we’ve had patients come in from other offices who were disappointed in their cosmetic results. There are a couple of reasons that happens.

Sometimes it is because the dentist lacks specific skill and training with cosmetic procedures. They may know a few cosmetic procedures, but their training and experience hasn’t gotten to the point where they can get beautiful results. Be assured that our dentists are skilled in cosmetic dentistry. We even do custom staining, which means we can match your veneers perfectly with any natural teeth you choose not to change.

A second reason we’ve seen patients dissatisfied with their previous dentist’s work is because of treatment philosophy. In traditional dental schools, we’re taught that the dentist knows best. However, that just doesn’t apply to cosmetic dentistry. You’re changing your smile because you’re unhappy with its appearance, which makes you the best judge of the results. We cater our treatment to your expectations and desires. In order to do that, we promise that your new porcelain veneers will not be permanently bonded on until you are thoroughly thrilled with them. That means we will send them back to the ceramist as many times as necessary to please both dentist and patient. When they get permanently bonded, you will have the smile of your dreams. That is our beautiful smile guarantee.