Affordable Aurora Dentist

At Sommers Family Dental we are aware that your family’s budget is a necessary factor in determining your dental care. We are sensitive to the financial restraints our patients face and work to make our dental services as affordable as we can. We never want financial struggles to keep our patients from necessary care.

Quality Affordable Dental Visits

We could charge more for our services than we do, but prefer to keep our fees reasonable. However, we refuse to sacrifice quality for affordability, so we may not be the cheapest. You might find a dentist who can do some procedures for less, but you will find that they have sacrificed quality in order to lure you with their prices. We take pains to get quality materials. For instance, maybe another dentist uses the cheapest dental crown material he can find in order to have the lowest price. Your initial visit might be inexpensive; however, it will not take long for that cheap crown to break. Then you are back in the office, much sooner than necessary, getting a second crown. At Sommers Family Dental, we would make sure your dental crown was of the best material available. In the long run, you will end up spending less because our crowns stand the test of time.

Affordable Dental Payment Options

We will reduce your fee if you choose to pay for our services up front, making our dental care even more affordable. However, we realize that not everyone has cash on hand for those unexpected dental emergencies. To accommodate our patients who need to pay things out we offer zero-interest payment plans through Care Credit. For those who do not qualify for the zero-interest plans, we will pay their interest for them, freeing them to only pay for the actual services received.

Affordability Through Layered Care

Another way to keep dental treatments within reach is to layer your care. For instance, if you have lost your teeth we know the ideal treatment is to get dental implants. What if you cannot afford them? Does that mean you are stuck with complete removable dentures? Maybe not. Though some dentists might insist on doing the ideal treatment or nothing, we know life is not always ideal. Instead, we could start you with dentures that are stabilized by just a couple of implants or even mini-implants. Then you can take the time you need to save up for more implants as you are able. If a recommended treatment is out of reach, we will work with you to find an affordable solution, even if it is just a temporary one.

If you have been putting off dental care because of financial restraints, give us a call and we will help you discover the options available.