Root Canals

Our office promotes conservative dentistry.  Our dentists will preserve natural tooth structure whenever possible.  If you have a severely injured tooth, root canal therapy can eradicate pain and infection, preventing the need for extraction and allowing you to keep your original tooth.  With a gentle touch and modern anesthetic options, our patients will view root canal therapy as a comfortable, positive experience.

The interior of a tooth contains canals that lead from the tooth pulp or nerve center and supply vital nutrients to the tooth.  If the roots sustain damage, these canals can become infected.  Tooth fracture, deep cavity and dental trauma are frequent causes of internal tooth damage.  Usually, the infection builds, producing pain and pressure.  If you don’t seek treatment, you risk gum, bone and tooth loss.

Your dentist will perform a root canal to stop the infection and protect the tooth.  During the procedure, he will remove the diseased tissue and sanitize the area.  The dentist will insert a biocompatible filler into the canals and seal off the tooth.  To prevent future problems, we will place a post build up and custom crown over the tooth, restoring comfort and function.

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