Full Mouth Restoration

If you’ve not visited the dentist in years, you may have inadvertently compromised your oral health.  Issues like gum disease, pain or tooth loss can negatively impact everyday life and lead to overall health problems.  To correct serious dental problems, a few fillings may not be enough.  Our restorative dentists can completely restore your oral health and smile with full-mouth restoration.

To design your comprehensive treatment plan, the first steps are taking digital X-rays and discussing your goals.  We’ll then thoroughly examine your mouth, jaw, head and neck.  After assessing all the data, the dentist will explain his findings and review recommendations for treatment.  Please ask questions so that you can understand the situation and treatment options.  We want you to feel confident about your full-mouth restoration.

Any combination of procedures may be needed to restore your oral health, comfortable function and beautiful smile.  For instance, crowns can address severely injured teeth and gum disease treatment can eliminate periodontal infection. TMJ therapy can address pain and re-establish balance within your chewing system.  For missing teeth, we can fit you for custom dentures or bridgework or discuss the benefits of dental implants.

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We hope to gain the confidence and trust of your family by providing you with compassion, quality and comfort.  You can enjoy peace of mind that your children, parents, spouse and friends will be treated with the utmost respect and compassion at every visit.  Our Aurora family dentist office serves patients from Batavia, North Aurora, Oswego, Montgomery, Sugar Grove and surrounding communities.

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