Bonding and Contouring

A Little Goes a Long Way
When patients need to correct small chips or want to alter the shape of their teeth, bonding and contouring can offer the perfect solution.  Before we begin a procedure like bonding or contouring, we will take X-rays and conduct an exam to make sure the affected teeth are in good shape.

Contouring removes and is often used to smooth the edges of sharp, jagged or uneven teeth.  By carefully removing a small amount of tooth structure, our cosmetic dentists can reshape teeth to have a softer and more pleasing appearance.

Bonding adds structure, so it works well to correct small, oddly shaped or chipped teeth.  For bonding, the dentist will use a composite resin tinted to match your teeth.  He will apply the tooth-colored filling material to your tooth, then sculpt it to blend seamlessly in your smile.  We will harden the bonding with a curing light and polish it to look natural and beautiful.  Bonding won’t last forever, but most patients enjoy the effects for about 10 years before any rework is needed.  For a more permanent alternative, ask about porcelain veneers.

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